Church Camp 2018

Church camp will be held 16th-18th March, 2018 at the Warrambui Centre, Murrumbateman. Registration is now open and you can register online.

Please give towards the camp via EFT (reference: camp2018) or by marked envelopes into the offering bag.

Giving by Grace, not by Rule

This year at camp we’re changing our approach to registration and finances. It’s introducing a concept where finances for the camp grows by grace, and not by rule. In the simplest terms, we’re keeping the registration and finances separate. This is a model applied to other churches, and it’s worked GREAT for them too.

It’s completely between you and God how much you’re willing to contribute financially to the camp. Those of us who can contribute more, because God has graciously supplied you with more, or a lot more than you need, can offset the cost of those who may not usually come to camp – here are a few scenarios to help you decide with prayer how much to give by grace in response to God’s grace you have received:

Scenario 1: 130 people paying $150 each = $19,500

Scenario 2: 110 people paying $163 each, with 20 people paying $80 = $19,530

Scenario 3: 20 people paying $292pp, 80 people paying $150pp, 20 people paying $80pp, and 10 people paying $0pp = $19,400

How can I give?

We’ll be asking you to give anonymously towards the church camp, either by EFT (electronics funds transfer) or by a specially marked envelope for the offering bags. Cash payments are still welcome – we’ll still encourage you to try to give anonymously.

Account name: Canberra Austral-Asian Christian Church
BSB: 112908
Account number: 155551376
Reference: Camp2018

As February progresses, Lily our church treasurer will tally up the contributions to let us know how we’re doing.

But I won’t be able to come to camp?

If, for whatever reason, you cannot come to camp, by grace, you can still contribute financially to the cost of the camp. Money given can still help brothers and sisters in the three congregations to come to camp.

So register to come to camp regardless of how much you can give. Even if you can chip in $50, or none at all, we want you to come to camp because you are part of the church, and we want to spend the weekend in getting to know you.

Register for Church Camp 2018