Saturday Service

Our Saturday night service is a casual, chilled-out affair where there’s only one thing we’re serious about – showing and sharing the love of Jesus and the good news about His death and resurrection!

Our team is a group of young adults who’d love to get to know you and welcome you into our church community. There’s always someone to whip up a delicious dinner after service (or buy take-away in true bachelor style), so you’re sure to be well-fed as we hang out and talk about especially about God and his plan for salvation.

Or, if you want to dig deeper into God’s Word, we have many Bible study groups throughout the week – just ask any of us for more information!

So if you’re new to Canberra, or looking for a church, or want to find out what this Christianity thing is all about – or know someone who fits any of the above! – come along and join us!

We meet at 5:30pm on Saturday night at CAACC in Isaacs. Just give us a shout if you need a lift (email and we can arrange something.

Hope to see you there!

What’s happening on Saturdays

Please join us for dinner after the service to get to know everyone else in the service and discuss the teaching over a nice meal.

Bible Studies
If you are interested in finding out more about Jesus and the message of the Bible, the best way to learn more is through a Bible study group! Why not ask the people you meet what Bible study group they attend?